Lord Balaji's Tirumala Temple

Tirupati Tirumala Temple is the most ancient and sacred temple of Lord Sri Venkateswara which is located on the seventh peak Venkatagiri (Venkata Hill) near to the Tirupati City, In Andrapradesh.

The temple is known to be the wealthiest and the most visited place for worship on Earth. Thousands and millions of devotees come to visit this temple every year. During special occasions and festivals, the number of devotes rises thus making it the most sacred place in the world.

The perfect time to visit Tirupati is between March to June and it is very obvious that during this period it gets difficult to get even a single room in a hotel. Never forget to book well before hand.

Tirupati experience very hot summers but winters are pleasant. And here is a short description to guide you which month is the best time of the year for you to visit the temple of Balaji.

  • InMarch to June, Tirupati is very hot and the temperature fluctuates between 42°C to 45 °C. Vistors usually avoid the month of April and May for their visits.
  • July to September is the months of monsoon and is the relieving time of the year. Tirupati experiences medium rainfall and looks serene and beautiful during the mild showers.
  • October to November is the time when Tirupati receives heavy rainfall, thunder, storms and even cyclones and thus, it is advised not to visit Tirupati during this period.
  • December to February is the most pleasant time of the year and the minimum temperature at this point of month is around 15 degree Celsius.