Narayana Forest Temple Tirumala Tirupati

Nearby places / Temples in Tirumala Tirupati

Tirumala hill is famous for Lord Sri Venkateswara Swami. Here we are listing few other places in Tirumala are worth visiting when you go to Tirumala. For Pilgrims who wants to visit places around Tirumala, APSRTC runs a daily “Travel as you like” bus service covering important places like Akashganga, papavinasanam and Japali Venugopala swami temple with a travel package of Rs20/- per head. A few details are given in this page for tourists travelling from Chennai to Tirumala.

Swami Pushkarini: Our puranas said that this Pushkarini was originally belonged to Sri MahaVishnu in Vaikuntam. It was sent by Garuda to earth for Sri Venkateswara Swami. Swami Pushkarini is located next to Sri Venkateswara Swami Temple. Pilgrims take a bath in this holy water before entering into the temple. On Mukkoti Dwadasi, three teerthams merge into Swami Pushkarini, which is said that bathing during that time is equivalent to bathing in holy river Ganges.

Srivari Paadamulu: Srivari paadamulu, foot print of Lord Venkateswara Swami which was formed when he first stepped on this Tirumala hill. His footprints are located on the top of the hill, approximately 15km from the temple.

Sri Varahaswami Temple: This temple is located to the north of Srivari Temple. Varaha Swami Idol is presiding in this temple.

Sri Bedi Anjaneya Swami Temple: This temple is located opposite to Mahadwaram of Sri Venkateswara Swami temple. Lord Anjaneya Swami resides here in this temple.

TTD Gardens: TTD gardens, with an area of 460 acres of land where TTD maintains beautiful gardens with rare species of plants and trees. Beautiful flowers from this garden are used in different temples located in Tirumala. Also TTD organizes Pushpa Yagam and horticultural shows every year with the flowers grown in this garden during Brahmotsavam.

Akashganga Waterfall: Akasa means Sky and Ganga means water which is believed as a natural waterfall from the feet of Lord Vishnu. This water is temple used in Srivari temple for daily activities. In olden days, every day priests carry this water from the jungle to the temple. It is located approximately 3km north of the Tirumala temple. TTD laid water lines from Akashganga to the Temple to make the work easier.

Papa Vinasanam: Goddess Ganga Devi temple is located here. As the name itself says, visiting Papa Vinasanam may forgive all sins people have committed during their lifetime. It is located approximately 8km from Srivari temple.

Shila Thoranam (Great Geological Arch): The Natural Arch or Silathoranam is located 1km north of the temple. The meaning for Silathoranam means (sila means rock and Thoranam means garland strung between two vertical columns). This rock is formed naturally due to erosive forces. It is said that this arch is one of the natural arches in Asia.

Asthana Mandapam is used as a venue for cultural activities like bhajans, sankeerthas, music concerts etc., and Dhyana Mandiram for meditation.
A few tourist spots are located in Tirupati which is located at the foothill of Tirumala like Sri Govindaraja Swami Temple, Sri Padmavati Temple and SV zoological park etc. TTD provided bus facility for pilgrims who want to visit temples in and around Tirupati. The bus starts in Tirumala at 6AM every day


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